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That's lifestyle for ya!
  1. Fluffy socks and onesies!
    What better way to spend your time? Pretty much 24/7 I'm chilling in my under armour (sports gear designed to keep you warm when it's cold) underneath my onesie, and my pink fluffy socks! This usually follows a bath or shower!
  2. Sleepovers and banter!
    I love having my friends to stay over. Each sleepover consists of giggles, secrets and late nights. Usually, my sleepovers are with my blogging bestie, however I have several sleepovers scheduled with friends from school this half term break!
  3. The cherry on top!
    I love a good hot chocolate. Silky, warm- perfect. However, it's by far topped when a mountain of whipped cream is added. Marshmallow galore and crushed-candy cane heaven!
  4. Online 'browsing'
    Mum: 'What are you doing sweetie?' Secret Girl: 'Just checking out New Look's latest stock- don't worry, I'm just browsing!' Mum: 'Okay, have fun!' ONE WEEK LATER Secret Girl: Oh look- my new bikini, leggings, jumper and socks have arrived!
  5. Daydream blogging
    I seriously blog daily. I'm not addicted or anything- I just find it so fun! When I'm relaxing, I often find myself thinking through my blog in my head! I often do this as I settle down to sleep, discussing with myself which blog to deliver when I wake up!
  6. 'DIYing'
    My room is full to the brim with numerous DIYs, either that I've discovered on YouTube or made up myself! Check out my blog for a post on tumblr DIYs for your room!
  7. But first... let me take a selfie!
    You guessed it! What is a typical girl's life without a selife once in a while... more like every second of their life. In the back of the car, before you go to bed, at sleepovers, when bored, capturing OOTDs, with cute pets, when their brows are on fleek, when your make-up is all cute...
  8. Book worm gal!
    Guiltily I admit, I don't spend any time during the day reading. I can't squeeze it in! However, I reserve about 30 minutes to 1 hour per day to catch up on my latest book, to relax me before bed. This is usually around 9 o'clock (kinda early!). Currently, I'm reading (more engrossed in) the Hunger Games- BEST BOOK EVER!
  9. Glitz and Glamour
    Girl, let's just talk GLITZ and GLAMOUR. For me, this means dropping a lush bath bomb in my bath, soaking my morning away and then hopping into my onesie. I have a pamper bath (as I like to call it!) about 4 times a week!